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Wax Warm-Ups are the latest and greatest innovation in home fragrance. Our flameless technology resembles that of other wax warmers, except you won’t be left with a mess of hard wax. When warmed, Wax Warm-Ups is safely contained within the patented fibrous reservoir, rather than melting all over your warmer. We offer a wide variety of scents that will slowly release your aroma of choice. You can even mix and match scents to create a truly unique fragrance! When the smell has finally faded, you simply throw away the Wax Warm-Ups, requiring absolutely zero clean up! You can use any wax warmer with Wax Warm-Ups, or choose from our specialty warmers.  We hope you enjoy the pleasant aroma of your Wax Warm-Ups. Contact us if you have any questions!

Wax Tarts

The latest innovation in home fragrance!

No dangerous hot wax! Warm-Ups™ are warm to touch, but will not burn, it can be picked up or changed at any time.
No spills, No mess, No clean up! The wax in Warm-Ups will melt when warmed, but will stay safely contained within the Patented fibrous reservoir.
Even and slow release produces a longer lasting scent.
Mix Warm-Ups™ to create a custom scent.
Warm-Ups™ will always remain its original size and is available in all types of shapes.


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Orders to Alaska, Hawaii and outside the United States are subject to additional shipping and handling fees.

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